These NFL Hall Of Famers With Questionable Credentials

Every year the NFL welcomes a new class of inductees into the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. Considered the greatest to ever play the game, athletes like Joe Montana and Randy Moss have their busts proudly displayed along the halls of the building.

And while some inductees unquestionably earned their spot, others did not. Terrell Owens was one of the best when he was on the field, but was he on the field enough during his short career to justify his spot? Keep reading to find out which Hall of Famers have the most questionable credentials!

Terry Bradshaw

Fred Roe/Getty Images
Fred Roe/Getty Images

If you watch the NFL, then you know who Terry Bradshaw is. He works for FOX as a pre-game analyst and has one of the biggest personalities in the industry. He’s also one a four-time Super Bowl winner and Hall of Fame inductee.

It was those big wins that likely earned Bradshaw his spot in Canton. If you look at his overall stats, you’ll see a player carried by his team, not a team carried by its quarterback. When he retired, Bradshaw had thrown 212 touchdowns and 210 interceptions and only complete 51.9 percent of his passes. Not exactly Hall of Fame numbers.