These Former NBA Players Are Now Working Regular 9-5 Jobs

NBA stars live life in the spotlight for a little while, but athletes only remain in their prime for so long. These players retire when they’re still young, which means that they can go on to have entire careers in fields other than sports and basketball.

Some players transition into more mundane jobs while others make a living in the entertainment industry. Some invest the money they’ve earned playing basketball while others like to live large. Read on to find out what some of your favorite retired NBA stars are doing with their lives now.

Scottie Pippen Is A Livestock Farmer

scottie pippen nba retired life livestock farmer
Cassy Athena/Getty Images
Cassy Athena/Getty Images

It took Scottie Pippen a long time to accept his retirement. One of the greatest Chicago Bulls of all-time, Pippen retired in 2004 and instantly regretted his decision. He spent the next several years trying to make a comeback, desperate to win a seventh ring.

Once Pippen accepted the comeback would never happen, he found a second career with his brother. Together, the two co-own a livestock farm in Arkansas. On the side, Pippen still makes appearances on television multiple times a year.