This Mother Put Her Baby On An Extreme Diet And Doctors Were Shocked

When Australian wellness coach and food blogger Shannon Cooper gave birth to her first child, she decided to do something rather unique regarding her baby’s diet. She shocked doctors everywhere when she announced that she was never going to feed her child any sugar or carbs. That means no sweets, but it also means no rice, bread, or processed foods of any kind.

Shannon’s blog is called My Food Religion and it’s all about healthy eating. When Shannon became a mother in 2014, she wanted to give her child the best chance at a healthy life, even if that meant going against the opinions of several medical doctors.

Meet Shannon Cooper

shannon cooper wearing blue dress

Meet the daring mother Shannon Cooper. She has dedicated her life to learning about food and nutrition, and she loves educating others about how our bodies respond to different products and ingredients. She has spent years studying all kinds of different diets and what those diets do to our bodies.

Food has the potential to fuel us, but the wrong foods can also slow us down and cause long term health problems. Shannon truly believes that you are what you eat.