Millennial Habits That Are Drastically Different From The Baby Boomer Generation

Millennials have taken a lot of flack for being different than previous generations. They’ve been accused of killing everything from cereal to “breastaurants” and everything in between. Yes, they’re doing things differently than their parents but hey…that’s okay! It’s just like how boomers were not like the generations that came before them.

It’s fun to joke that millennials are ruining things but there is some truth behind their changing habits. Millennials are getting married later and living in basically anything but a traditional house. They keep on proving that it’s okay to do things differently than their parents.

You Won’t See Many Millennials In Cars

A cyclist passes by a docking station of Santander bicycles
John Keeble/Getty Images
John Keeble/Getty Images

Car sales have steadily been slowing down and millennials are to thank for the massive switch in transportation. Not only are millennials more environmentally conscious, they just don’t need cars ars much. Many millennials work in large cities with ample public transportation or work remotely from home.

They also simply can’t afford cars. Working in big cities means a higher cost of living. Couple that with large amounts of student debt and the high costs of maintenance and repairs for a car just isn’t worth it to millennials.