McDonald’s Is A Weird, Strange Place, And We’re McLovin It

Our entire world changed on April 15, 1955, when the first McDonald’s opened in Illinois. Since that day, billions of people have been served hamburgers, fries, ice cream, and sometimes — disappointment.

Not every fast food joint is perfect, but McDonald’s has set the bar as far as what we expect. Frankly, it’s oftentimes not very much. The ice cream machine never works, and things just haven’t been the same since they stopped making pizza (yes, that was a thing you’ve probably forgotten about). But when people are planking on the golden arches, you know things have fallen off the rails. Read on to enjoy only the best from really any McDonald’s. They’re doing their best, I’m sure.

I Can’t Imagine What He Found In There

Photo Credit: Reddit / BaronOshawott
Photo Credit: Reddit / BaronOshawott

Now, I’m not saying you can’t find some good stuff in the trash can. If Oscar the Grouch has taught us anything, it’s that you can find beauty in even the most disgusting places. However, if this is like any McDonald’s I’ve been in, there’s probably a ridiculous amount of mayo and ketchup in there.

Also, there’s a really good chance that a few stale fries are stabbing him in the shins right now. Hopefully, he hits the bathroom after this and covers himself in hand sanitizer.