Nobody Wants To Buy This $10 Mansion…Find Out Why

Not many of us can afford to live in a mansion, but for a lot of people, living in a big house with several rooms, high ceilings, a big yard, and room for a pool is an unattainable dream. Imagine having your own private cinema, an in-home spa, a gym in your house, and a full arcade room.

In New Jersey, a 111-year-old mansion in New Jersey has been put on the market for the low low price of $10. Nobody is bidding on it though, because there’s one big catch.

It’s Hard To Buy A Property In New York

The Metropolitan Area Is Not Cheap

New York is one of the most expensive states in America when it comes to buying property. It’s hard to find a reasonably priced single-family home, let alone a mansion. According to recent Zillow listings, the median price of homes currently listed in the metropolitan New York area is $342,000.

That’s a lot of money, so you’d think a $10 home would fly off the market in no time at all. The low price tag attracted a lot of potential buyers to the home’s open house, but nobody wanted to put down the cash.