These Life Hacks Might Just Redefine Genius

Life can be difficult, even on the best of days. That’s why when we can find little ways to make it easier, it’s good to share. Because sharing is caring!

These are some genius life hacks that will turn everyday struggles into no struggle at all. Some will even have you asking, why didn’t I think of that? Keep reading to learn how to use a shopping cart without a quarter, how to save space in your freezer, and how to watch videos on your phone while you’re in bed.

I Never Know What To Do With These Department Store Hangers!

clip hanger ends used to keep chip bags closed
Photo Credit: Reddit/Rekordea
Photo Credit: Reddit/Rekordea

I usually just end up throwing them out because who wants junk lying around? But if they can be used to keep my chips crisp, then I’ll be hanging onto those bad boys.

If you’re not a person who likes chips, this hack also applies to your bag of frozen fruit and veggies, crackers, rice cakes, quinoa, pasta, or pretty much anything else in your pantry. You probably have some of these hangers just sitting in your closet right now.