These Life Hacks Might Just Redefine Genius

Life can be difficult, even on the best of days. That’s why when we can find little ways to make it easier, it’s good to share. Because sharing is caring!

These are some genius life hacks that will turn everyday struggles into no struggle at all. Some will even have you asking, why didn’t I think of that? Keep reading to learn how to use a shopping cart without a quarter, how to save space in your freezer, and how to watch videos on your phone while you’re in bed.

Cut That Microwave Wait Time Down!

plates stacked on top of a cup to make room in a microwave
Photo Credit: Reddit/TheTrollinator777
Photo Credit: Reddit/TheTrollinator777

If you put a cup in the middle of one of the plates in the microwave, you can stack another plate on top of the glass to help heat things up quicker. Just make sure everything you use is microwave safe!

Now one plate doesn’t have to get cold while you wait for the other plate to heat up. You and your partner can enjoy a warm meal at the exact same time. This hack might even save your relationship.