Uh Oh! These Kids Revealed Some Hilarious Secrets In Their Drawings

When you give a child a piece of paper and something to draw with, there is no telling what they’ll do. They truly have a mind of their own and will scribble whatever their heart desires with usually no real explanation why.

Sometimes, they might even end up drawing something that depicts some rather suspicious activity in their home or that their parents do. Most of the time, their parents don’t even get to see what they drew before it’s too late because they did it in class. Here are some of the most incriminating drawings done by children.

Definitely NOT An Accident

Dad’s love nothing more than a nice hand-written card from their child, usually even if it means they are getting called out for their flatulence. Looks like it might have been Father’s Day in this child’s class and they were each assigned to write them a card.


While most kids probably wrote extremely touching cards about how much their dad means to them, this one saw it as an opportunity to take some jabs at their dad. We have to admit, it’s pretty funny.

They Heard It From Their Mom First

These are classic elementary school exercises when children learn how to complete sentences with the right phrase. Yet to us, this is a tricky question, because if you ask adults, most of them will say mosquitos, but that’s beside the point.

This kid decided to add their own flair to the assignment and answered saying that their dad beats both the mosquito and the dog in terms of eating. However, we’re going to assume they didn’t just come up with this phrase and probably overheard their mom complimenting on her husband’s weight.

Caught Her Off Guard

Just when this mom thought she was going to get a thoughtful and loving card from her child, things didn’t turn out the way the seemed. The first side really is touching but as you keep going, it turns out to be pretty harsh.

This mom’s meatloaf really must be something horrid if their child took the time to write it in this card. Something tells us that the whole family had to dislike it if she ended up taking it off the menu.

No Judgment Here

Like any other person in the world, not all mothers wake up looking their best. They go through a lot during the day, and sleep is usually the only time that they have to decompress and restore whatever remains of energy they have left.


However, this child makes it clear that when nobody around, her mom makes no effort to look good for anyone. On the other hand, if she’s going out for a night on the town, she makes sure she looks her best and whips out her little black dress.

An Ellen Fanatic

This is another situation when a kid completely threw their parent under the bus. We’re not doubting that this mom’s favorite show is Ellen, but we doubt that’s all she does all day, every day. But then again, maybe she does, considering that it looks like her entire torso is a television.

They also certainly weren’t kind to her when it came to depicting what she looks like — almost fooled us for a Raggedy Anne doll that went through the dishwasher.

A Little Too Honest

It’s no secret that some mothers enjoy having a glass of wine at the end of a long day of work, soccer practice, dinner, cleaning up, etc. After the house has quieted down, it’s their time to finally crack open a book or turn on the TV and enjoy a glass of rich vino.

Most youngsters wouldn’t even pick up on the fact that their mom is drinking wine, but not this one. They put their mom on blast, portraying her as a full-blown alcoholic. The teacher must have laughed out loud at this one.

Don’t Hang that one On The Fridge

Once again, here is another card that starts out sweet but turns out to be sour by the end. The dad was probably touched that his kids were so excited to spend time with him, but things started going south when they started talking about their mom.

While it was thoughtful that they clearly want their parents to get back together, we learn the hard truth that their mom has no plan of that happening anytime soon. That’s a hard pill to swallow.

Straight To The Employee

We can only imagine that this student’s assignment was to draw and write about what their dad’s do for as a career and what they like to do for fun. This picture says everything that you need to know. Their dad is an employee and that he likes drinking.

Where is he an employee? We’re not sure. But like most people in the world, we believe that he is. We’re just surprised they didn’t add a beer bottle into their picture.

What An Image

We’ll probably never know children’s children’s fascination with farting, but we’re willing to guess that it isn’t anything new. Apparently, this child’s mother uses her farts as a form of transportation, which is why it seems like she can be everywhere at once.

It also looks like she has hooves too, so maybe she’s some sort of centaur fart goddess. All we wonder is if this kid drew this for fun, or it was some kind of assignment that they would get graded on in school.

Listen To Your Children

When your young kid is dropping hints that maybe it’s time to put down the bottle, it’s probably time that you listen. Things must be getting pretty out of hand at this household if all their kid wishes is that their mom would stop drinking wine.

This poor mother is going to walk into a parent-teacher conference already being judged. However, she may be drunk even then and probably won’t care. This is another drawing that should be kept but locked away.

An Eight Year Old That Likes Beer

Clearly, this kid hasn’t quite mastered their understanding of how age works if they think their dad is eight. The funny thing is that it’s obvious that the teacher wrote in all the answers for them and just went along with it.

This teacher must have been trying to contain their laughter writing down that this girl’s dad’s favorite food is beer, he loves the Dollar Store and frequents Grandma Dukes. We’re surprised they wrote any of this down!

Looks About Right

This picture is relatable to just about every family out there. While the mom may be full of love and providing for the children, the dad has no problem passing gas whenever he pleases.

This dad must have been proud upon seeing this, knowing that he’s done his job as a father establishing the roles in the house and instilling them into his child. Also, we like the addition of the Speed McQueen sticker, it really ties the whole thing together.

That’s Just Graphic

Well, this is sort of alarming to look at. There must be some domestic issues at home if this kid is hoping that their “evil mom” will be devoured by an evil snake. We’re willing to bet that something small had happened the night before that the child wasn’t pleased with and held the grudge into the next day.

We hope that everything was resolved later and that their mother never actually got her hands on this. It would be concerning for any parent.

Time To Call The Police!

This drawing could certainly be translated to mean a number of different things. Either their parents playingly wrestle with each other, kickbox at the gym together, or it’s could be something a lot more sinister.

We hope that it’s the latter because teachers are legally obligated to report this kind of thing. Besides that, we like how the student disregarded the assignment altogether. Looks like it has something to do with Tex Mex food? Sounds fun to us!

The Secret Is Out

Not that there’s anything wrong with this profession, the concerning thing is how does this child know that this is what their mom does. Have they been to her place of work and seen her in action?

It turns out the mom sent a note to her child’s school explaining that she works at Home Depot and in this photo she was selling a shovel. All of that aside, we have to give credit to this artist.

Battle Of The Parents

Although it might not be the case for everyone, some children prefer one parent over another, especially during their formative years. By the looks of this assignment, this kid prefers their dad over their mom because their mother is more like “a regular mom,” harsh.

We’re going to guess that their dad is the more lenient and fun parent in the house, making the mother to always look like the bad guy. We have to admit, it does look fun to be the cool dad.

Poor Kid

We all remember that one kid at school who always had the best-packed lunches. All areas of the food group were met, everything was fresh, and they even brought a thermos full of soup on cold days. Even if that wasn’t you, chances are you still had a substantial lunch that did the job.

Apparently, all this kid gets from home are stale Cheetos. Any sensible teacher might see this and check on the student during lunch the next day. Still, at the end of the day, the kid would probably refer stale Cheetos to an apple.

Calling Him Out

Sadly, it looks like this poor kid has to fight tooth and nail to spend some time with his old man. We think it’s safe to assume that on one occasion the dad might have ended up taking a long nap, disappointing his son.

So, on this father and son day, the kid wasn’t taking any chances and really wanted to drill into his father’s head what’s expected of him. If this father was smart, he would heed this message.

The Family Motto

Some parents might coddle their children when they’re hurt or feeling emotional, but something tells us that’s not what always goes down in this family. We don’t blame parents for telling their kids to “suck it up,” sometimes that’s exactly what they need to do.

If they fall and scrape their knee, they need to learn that it’s probably going to happen again and it’s not the end of the world. However, this kid’s probably repeating this phrase to his classmates which would be hilarious to hear.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Sometimes, parents will have their children do menial tasks in order to earn a small amount of money, even if they don’t need to buy anything. It shows them the importance of responsibility, how to manage money, and how to contribute to a family.

Yet, it looks like Frankie doesn’t do any of this and even classifies himself as a “freeloader.” We have to say we appreciate his honesty, we just hope he didn’t learn that word after being called one.

Over The Line, Mom

It’s all fun and games until your mom continues to burp up poop in your bed. Personally, we can’t say we’ve ever heard of that before, but you never know these days. We wonder if this was written while they were staying at The Carolina Inn, or if this was a scrap of paper laying around the house.

Either way, it seems like something fishy is going in this household that would lead a child to write a note of this nature. If this is real, however, that mom should go get checked out.

And The Winner Is!

At the end of the day, it’s better that this child has no idea what is actually going than if they did. If they want to think their dad is wrestling in his bedroom, there’s no reason to tell them otherwise.

However, it’s all fun and games until the kid draws this at school and hands it in to their teacher. We’re not sure what the teacher is supposed to do at that point, tell the dad to keep it down?

Patiently Waiting

Wow, it looks like this little girl can’t wait for her mother to die so Miss Macy can come and take care of her instead. This is a low blow to the mom who gave her life, but kids don’t always understand that.

Yet, it’s not unusual for some children to prefer their teacher to their parent. teachers can’t represent them like their children, boss them around, or have to be around them all of the time. We hope Nina’s mom never gets ahold of this.

What Is Going On in That Household

The last thing we hope is that this child and his father dance on their mother’s grave. more than likely, this is completely false and probably learned it from a TV show that they shouldn’t be watching.

If anything, we hope that their mother is alive and well and that this is the product of a kid’s slightly twisted imagination. Imagine being called into a meeting with the teacher only to be shown this. It would probably pretty hard to explain.

A Nice Family Portrait

What’s interesting about little kid’s drawings is that you actually get a glimpse into what’s going on in their mind. This little boy may have never talked about “the taking boy,” but decided to add them to his picture for a reason. Although it’s not uncommon for children to have imaginary friends.

But, when they’re shrouded in black and their name is “the taking boy,” that must not be the most comforting thing to see as a parent. Maybe he’s created an alter-ego or when he steals things from his parents.

They Must Have Interesting Barbeques

By the looks of it, this kid lives in Halloweentown, or at least they think they do. We can make out Jack Skellington, a ghost, and some other typical Halloween-related creatures. While we assume these are supposed to be pictures of family members, it seems they drew who they wish were their family.

It’s possible that this was made during the Halloween season, so that’s all this kid had on their minds. Hope their parents don’t mind being fictional characters.

All Alone

Regardless of the green grass, tall tree, sunshine, and a smiling mother, at its core, this picture is pretty sad. It tells the story of a father who doesn’t always come home and a mother that is doing her best to make her child happy.

On a more positive note, we don’t know the full story behind the picture. It’s also possible that the dad is on a business trip. We like that idea much better!

What A Scene

If this is what it looks like, it’s safe to say that there may be some marital troubles at home for this couple. If it has reached the point where the mother has hit her husband with the car, it might be time to call it quits or seek out some counseling.


We just feel bad that this kid had to watch something like this. Or, this could be a picture of a time when the mom accidentally hit her husband with the car. Let’s hope that’s what happened.

Wise Beyond His Years

It’s pretty impressive that a child so young is not only thinking about the prospect of marrying but is actively speaking out against it. He must have seen what being married is like by observing his parents and deciding that it just isn’t for him.

It looks like he’d be completely content being alone with a recliner chair and his thoughts. it looks like he’s even wearing a little top hat. This kid is going somewhere without a doubt.

An Interesting Choice

There’s probably nothing quite like having your drinking habits exposed by your child while at school. On top of that, they even know the type of alcohol that you drink, something a young child probably shouldn’t know.

But hey, at least she makes good chili! While it may seem cruel that their kid running into a wall makes this mom laugh, be honest with yourself. Anybody running into a wall in pretty funny, no matter how old they are.

Tore Her To Pieces

This truly is a rollercoaster of a letter. Not only does this mom take money behind her child’s back, but she poisons her children with her cooking, and doesn’t let them order wrestling magazines. This kid really is a harsh critic so we can only imagine what this mom has to go through.

However, the letter turns itself around and they admit that they actually like their mom for everything that she does for them. We like how money for chips is at the top of things they appreciate about their mom.

It’s The Least She Could Do

We think that everyone should be thankful that their mother didn’t leave them in a box somewhere. However, it is slightly concerning that this is one of the main things this child is thankful for. Most children couldn’t imagine their mother leaving them in a box, but apparently, this one is pretty concerned about the idea.

We wonder if this is something that they saw on television or if they’re down a sibling. All that aside, we have to give this kid credit for all the time it must have taken to make this card.

Details Matter

We’re going to guess that this child was assigned to draw what a skeleton looks like, and they really went into detail. What we hope is that a boy drew this, because that might be slightly questionable otherwise.

This kid also took an artistic approach to their creation by turning their head into what looks like a Jack-o’-lantern and even adding a nice hat. Regardless of the inappropriate aspects of this drawing, we think they did a bang-up job on this assignment.

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

Ryan and Luke really know how to send a conflicting message to their mother. The writing says that they love their mon but the picture says otherwise. Judging by the writing, it’s possible that the two boys had no idea what they were doing…or maybe they did.

Kids soak up everything like a sponge, so it’s not out of the question that they saw this gesture and decided to draw their interpretation of it. The question is, did they learn it from their mom?

An Unusual Form Of Transportation

Supposedly, this kid’s class was tasked to draw an illustration depicting the song “The Wheels on the Bus.” While the basic premise is there, the writing on the side of the bus is a bit out of place.

We’re sure this wasn’t intentional, so it makes you wonder what they were going for initially. We’re just fine looking at the exterior of this bus, there’s no need to see what’s going on in the inside. Maybe the teacher understands what they mean.

Money Makes The World Go Round

This little girl named Shira wrote a letter to her aunt to show her how much she appreciates her. Apparently, she likes her aunt so much that she was even going to give her some money. Unfortunately, she was fresh out of cash, so she figured that drawing a picture of a bill should do the trick.

This seems a little bit backward to us, isn’t the aunt the one that’s supposed to send money in cards? Hopefully, the aunt doesn’t draw a picture of money either.

A Tale As Old As Time

Although you might not have been aware of it at the time, there’s a high likelihood that your parents put back a few while attending a playdate. If the kids are going to have fun, why shouldn’t the adults too?

Now, getting so drunk that you’re a liability to drive home might not be the best idea, but it happens sometimes. In our opinion, the best part about this drawing is the teacher’s response that it’s okay for their mom to let their hair down every once in a while.

Moms And Facebook, A True Love Story

When social media first started becoming popular, most adults were concerned about the speed of its growth and how much time their kids were spending on it. However, as social media eventually became the norm, a lot of young people moved to other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

It was during that time that mom’s around the world reclaimed Facebook for their own. Today, it’s a warzone between mothers discussing current topics, not knowing how to properly post on someone’s page, and signing their name underneath direct messages. Clearly, this mother is part of that group and is on enough for her child to take notice.

Not That Kind of Gas

This kid is clearly at the age where they can turn any situation into something related to farts, and their teacher set them right up for this one. While they were supposed to be illustrating what liquids, solids, and gases look like, this kid took the liberty show what gases meant to him.

Apparently, he associates gas with his father aiming his own directly at people. There must be high tensions in the house if you’re always on guard for fear of being farted on.

A Nice Respite

Imagine cleaning up your child’s room only to stumble across this stashed away under the bed. Do you act like nothing’s wrong? Sit down and talk with them? Take them to see someone?

All we know is that if a child is claiming to be bothered by a specific demon constantly, it might be time to start asking some questions. But if you ask us, that demon looks curiously similar to the Babadook, maybe they should start child-proofing their TV stations.