Uh Oh! These Kids Revealed Some Hilarious Secrets In Their Drawings

When you give a child a piece of paper and something to draw with, there is no telling what they’ll do. They truly have a mind of their own and will scribble whatever their heart desires with usually no real explanation why.

Sometimes, they might even end up drawing something that depicts some rather suspicious activity in their home or that their parents do. Most of the time, their parents don’t even get to see what they drew before it’s too late because they did it in class. Here are some of the most incriminating drawings done by children.

Definitely NOT An Accident


Dad’s love nothing more than a nice hand-written card from their child, usually even if it means they are getting called out for their flatulence. Looks like it might have been Father’s Day in this child’s class and they were each assigned to write them a card.

While most kids probably wrote extremely touching cards about how much their dad means to them, this one saw it as an opportunity to take some jabs at their dad. We have to admit, it’s pretty funny.