Just Some Facts About Shrek That SomeBODY Once Told Me

The landmark animated film Shrek was released in 2001 by Dreamworks and immediately became a blockbuster. Shrek was so successful it skyrocketed Dreamworks to prominence alongside Disney and Pixar. But despite the popularity of the entire franchise, there are a lot of secrets you may not know about.

From the tragic events which put the film on hold, to the hilarious pop culture references littered throughout, you’ll soon love this children’s animated film even more. Wait until you find out which outrageous action-movie actor was offered the role.

Shrek Is Based On A Real Person

Photo credit: @B_4Bricks/Twitter
Photo credit: @B_4Bricks/Twitter

Shrek wasn’t the creation of a team of film writers, it was actually based on a children’s book. The book, Shrek!, was published in 1990 by 83-year-old author William Steig. It’s believed that Steig loosely based the character on a 1940’s professional wrestler, Maurice Tillet, who suffered from acromegaly, a condition where your bones overgrow and thicken.

The book’s original artwork definitely doesn’t look like Tillet, but the shocking similarities in appearance between Tillet and the film led many to believe that Dreamworks used the wrestler as visual inspiration.