If You Understand These Puns, Congrats! You Are The Father!

Orange you glad I said it?

Puns are here, there, and everywhere. It’ll take one person (usually a dad) to point out the obviousness behind any pun. No matter how ridiculous or cheesy they sound, we secretly love at least one pun that we’ve heard before. They usually come with a reaction that will make you grin, or maybe, it could be an eye roller like treating AA batteries like a very serious meeting for certain people. With these particular puns, you’ll either love them or hate them altogether.

TRYangles Are Cool Too

Ugh, a math pun in a fortune cookie. As clever as this is, it’s rather cheesy. You would never expect to see a pun inside of the popular Chinese treat, but really, how is a fortune suppose to be meaningful? Sometimes, I wish you would get one that says “You won $1 million”.