Be Careful Not To Hang On To These Household Items For Too Long

We often think about food items like milk or yogurt having an expiration date. You wouldn’t leave a container of yogurt in your fridge for five months. It might surprise you to learn that there a lot of household products that have expiration dates that aren’t food. You should keep an eye on how long you’ve had things like disposable razors, toothbrushes, sponges, medicine, and even slippers.

Take a look at the household products that need to be tossed out once they’ve reached their lifespan. This can get tricky, as some don’t even have a labeled expiration date.

Contact Lenses Are Good For Three Months

contact lenses
Photo by SSPL/Getty Images
Photo by SSPL/Getty Images

If you’re the kind of person who prefers contacts to eyeglasses, you probably go through a lot of contacts and contact solution. Keep in mind that contact lenses typically only last for about 3 months. It’s also good to develop a habit of changing your solution every time you use your contacts.

Mark Bowers, an optometrist at Blountville Family Eyecare, says that three months. is the maximum amount of time you should hold onto those lenses. He explained, “bacteria can form an invisible film lining on the lenses, which is called a biofilm. This biofilm protects the bacteria from the solution, thus increasing your risk of infection.”