These Notes Left On Car Windshields Might Just Make Your Day

If you walk back to your parked car and find a note sitting on your windshield, your day is most likely about to get a whole lot worse. Whoever left that note probably wants to tell you that they accidentally hit your car, or that you did a horrible job parking, or that you left your lights on.

Sometimes, once in a blue moon, you get a note on your windshield that actually makes your day better. And if the note is reporting some bad news, maybe whoever wrote it had the decency to take the opportunity to make you smile in the process. Keep reading to see some of the best, funniest, and most passive-aggressive notes left on car windshields.

A Whole New Spot

Shelley Jucker
Shelley Jucker

This person’s park job is truly amazing. They must have been intoxicated or something because it’s unbelievable that someone really cares this little. The car is literally straddling two parking spots so they’re not just inconveniencing one but two people.

Luckily, it looks like someone had some chalk on hand a decided to draw a little diagram from the driver. Now, the next time this lunatic needs to park, they have their own personal spot just for them.