Cakes That Didn’t Quite Get Their Messages Across

Cakes are how we celebrate everything these days. Birthday? We eat cake for that. New baby? We eat cake for that, too. Divorce party? Yes, obviously we eat cake for that. And the most beautiful thing about a cake is that it’s completely customizable. You can have a cake made with any message you want on it, written in delicious icing.

Sometimes cake personalization backfires, though. We’re talking about times where the cake decorator can’t quite create the intended design, or the times that messages are misspelled or butchered in some other way. These cakes are disasters, and we can’t get enough of them. Presenting: cake messages that are wrong in so many ways.

A Holiday Birthday

This person obviously has a birthday around the holidays. Isn’t that the worst? You get overlooked because everyone’s busy getting ready for and celebrating the holidays, and to top it off they might try and get away with giving you just one gift instead of separate ones for each individual event.

Looks like this 30-year old birthday boy or girl was double screwed this year since their cake was a complete failure. “30 with stars and sprinkles around it!” We don’t understand how the decorator didn’t understand these instructions.