Heisman Trophy Winners Who Couldn’t Keep Up In The NFL

Every year, the Heisman Memorial Trophy is awarded to the most impressive player in NCAA football. The trophy is supposed to indicate who will go on to become a football superstar. A lot of the winners of this prestigious trophy go on to excel at the next level, while some winners have disappointed us.

This trophy definitely comes with a lot of added pressure. All of the players on this list did well at the college level, but they weren’t able to replicate their success in the NFL.

Archie Griffin Lost His Mojo

Bettmann/Getty Images
Bettmann/Getty Images

Archie Griffin was a star with the Ohio State Buckeyes. At the time, he was college football’s only two-time Heisman winner. In 1976 he joined the NFL as the Cincinnati Bengals’ first draft pick.

He played with the Bengals for seven seasons but failed to record a 700-yard season. Griffin did end up playing in Super Bowl XVI in 1981 despite his mediocre performance. Whatever mojo he had in college doesn’t didn’t translate to the NFL.