If You’re Diabetic, You Need To Be Eating More Of These Foods

People with diabetes often have to overhaul their entire diet to stay healthy. You don’t want to risk allowing your blood sugar to rise because it may lead to kidney illness, heart disease, and even nerve damage. It isn’t an easy task, but thankfully, there are a lot of delicious food options out there for people who are dealing with blood sugar issues.

If you’re contending with diabetes or prediabetes and want to learn about the healthiest food options, look no further. Keep reading for ways to keep your blood sugar in check using just diet alone.

Dark Chocolate Really Is Good For You

Chopped dark chocolate is gathered in a glass bowl.

Diabetes and chocolate have always been enemies, at least on the surface. But diabetics can still have a decadent candy once in a while. The Global Diabetes Community in the U.K. recommends dark chocolate, which is chocolate that has 70% or more cocoa. It has fewer sugar additives than other kinds of chocolate.

As with all sweets, you have to limit your consumption of dark chocolate. Nutritionist Nicole Anziani says that just an ounce of dark chocolate can produce enough cortisol to assuage stress and lower cravings. The Global Diabetes Community recommends eating it before exercising.