He Was Adopted 30 Years Ago, But He Found His Face On The Missing Person List

Almost every adopted child will eventually want to know where they came from. It’s a tough conversation to have, but it’s one that is very necessary. For Steven Carter Jr., these questions about his roots were becoming very frequent.

He didn’t think that his life story was very special, but he quickly found that he was wrong. He knew there had to be something behind the fact that his birth certificate wasn’t even issued until a year after his supposed birth date. All his questions would be answered after some thorough self-investigation.

The Story That Changed His Life

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YouTube / CNN
YouTube / CNN

It was a typical work day in 2011 for the Philadelphia native, Steve Carter Jr. He was working his day job as a medical software salesman when he was scrolling through his phone and landed on some breaking news that would change his life.

It was about a unique missing persons case involving an Atlanta woman named Carlina White who had gone missing after being kidnapped at birth. Steve couldn’t get enough of this story.