These Gigantic Animals Actually Exist In Real Life

We know that some animals are bigger than others. This is common knowledge. Elephants are big animals. Blue whales are the biggest animals that have ever lived on this planet (yes they were bigger than every dinosaur). Sometimes, animals can be big for their breed. Have you ever seen a fish that’s as big as a van? Or a bat that’s as big as a person. All of the animals on this list are bigger than anybody expected— and they’re 100% real (believe it or not).

Keep reading to see some truly astounding giant animals. At least one of them is guaranteed to give you nightmares!

Have You Ever Seen A Bat This Big?


The Bismarck masked flying fox lives in Papua New Guinea and is named after the Bismarck Archipelago. They are the largest bats in the world. These animals are called flying foxes because of the fox-like shape of their heads. Their wingspan can reach as far as 5.25 feet but are typically just under five feet. It has pointed ears and no tail.

They are one of the few species of mammals in which the males are able to lactate. They eat fruit, nectar, and flowers. They are unable to echolocate, but they have very good eyes. Their colonies can include as many as 200,000 bats.