Simple Genius Ideas That We Want To See Everywhere ASAP

The future is now, and people are coming up with cool, easy ways to help people work smarter, not harder. Simple changes in product design, color-coding, and good signs go a long way to make life a lot easier and more accessible to a whole range of diverse people.

Keep reading to see a Rubik’s cube for blind people, a bike stand with an attached air pump, and a flashlight that doubles as a bat. Here are some cool ideas that need to be implemented worldwide, like, yesterday.

Labels For Ceiling Fan Pull Cords

Ceiling fan with labelled fan vs. light pull cords
Photo Credit: Reddit / hammurabi1337
Photo Credit: Reddit / hammurabi1337

Not only is this genius, because who hasn’t spent way too much time trying to figure out which cord controls what, but also these mini fan and light bulb labels are super cute.

It’s amazing that we haven’t seen any fans like this until this moment. You would think that this very simple design change would be easy to make. All fan lights should have these labeled pull cords. Life would be so much easier.