The “Game Of Thrones” Cast Looks Completely Different Out Of Costume

The HBO series Game of Thrones brought George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series to life. This book series got the full HBO treatment, and it really shows. Millions of dollars went into making sure that all of the seven kingdoms looked their best on-screen. Of course, a lot of that budget was put towards special effects, set design, practical effects, editing, and cinematography, but a considerable amount of money, time, and energy went into making the characters look realistic and believable.

Some of the wardrobe and makeup was so extensive, that the characters we see on-screen look nothing like the actors who play them.

Lena Heady Transforms Into Cersei Lannister


Even though all it really takes to transform Lena Heady into Cersei Lannister is a blonde wig, Lena is almost unrecognizable as the Mad Queen. Somehow, she seems to totally disappear into her character. This actress is nothing like the villain she plays on TV.

Lena Heady also tattoos on her back that she has to cover up whenever Cersei is unclothed (which is kind of often). Although, she had a body double for the “walk of shame” scene.