These Hilarious Church Signs Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Gone are the days of churches being too serious and uptight for their own good. Yes, they still take praying and worshiping very seriously, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t find time to have a bit of fun. Nowadays it seems like every church adorns the signs in front of their chapels with some kind of snappy slogan.

We can all be religious and have a laugh at the same time. Keep reading for some real religious humor.

Let’s Go Back To The Beginning


They say history repeats itself, but if that’s really true, does that mean we’re going all the way back to the stone age? Are we going to meet the dinosaurs again? What about wooly mammoths?

Having a pet dinosaur does sound like a cool idea, though. We’re not talking anything crazy dangerous like a t-rex, but a brontosaurus would be pretty fun. Imagine riding around on a giant animal reptile, and never having to pay taxes because taxes haven’t been invented yet (or, they have been invented, but that part of history where they didn’t exist is going to come back around again).