The Funniest Fan Signs At NFL Games

Being a football fan isn’t just about passively watching games. It’s about getting into the competitive spirit by crafting creative signs that motivate your team to win big. Each team has its own distinct fans, and all of those fans are creative in their own ways.

If you make a sign clever or funny enough, you could end up on national television (or on a website like this one). Keep reading to see some of the funniest fan signs in NFL history.

Hopefully, He Doesn’t Take It Personally

Aaron Rodgers is very handsome, but we’re not sure that he’s ready to just up and marry any Green Bay Packers fan who makes a sign for him. Still, this girl shot her shot, and it landed her on the internet (which is not nothing).

We’re pretty sure that the man standing next to this woman (who she’s pretending not ot know) is actually her husband. How do you think he feels about this quirky and creative fan sign?