Fishermen Flabbergasted By What They Found On An Iceberg

Making a living by fishing is not easy. The hours are grueling, with pre-dawn wake-up calls, and everything must be prepped before heading out. That’s followed by a long and exhausting day, staying out for hours on end in order to catch the most fish. The people who make their living this way are very dedicated and many of them are incredibly passionate about mother nature. You’re about to ready about three fishing buddies who headed out on what they thought would be a mundane day on the water, only to discover something incredible. Without knowing much about what they were seeing, they were instinctively aware that they needed to help. Their story will both surprise you and melt your heart.

Three Friends Bought A Boat Together

Andia/Universal Images Group via Getty Images
Andia/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Friends Cliff Russell, Mallory Harrigan, and Alan Russell were longtime fishing buddies. They enjoyed fishing so much that they went in together and purchased a boat so they could open a commercial fishing operation.

Experienced in the sport, the trio of Canadians were well aware of what types of fish were available and what the local restaurants and markets were interested in. It was unknown, however, what they could expect once they started heading out to fish on a daily basis.