Strange Facts About First Fast Food Locations

Fast food is a huge industry in America and around the world. Many fast food establishments that started out with a single restaurant have managed to crow into gigantic corporations. Fast food may not be good for you, but people can’t seem to get enough of it.

Giant, multinational corporations such as McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, and Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs all started out from humble beginnings. Their founders worked hard to turn their passion products into successful franchises. Keep reading to learn how some of your favorite fast-food places got started.

Five Guys And One Gal Started Five Guys

The first Five Guys location
Five Guys
Five Guys

Five Guys burger chain was actually started by five guys. However, the name of the restaurant fails to give credit to another very important person in this chain’s development: Janie Murrell.

Husband and wife team Janie and Jerry Murrell started Five Guys in Arlington County, Virginia, in 1986. Their sons Jim, Matt, Chad, and Ben also helped out in the restaurant. Janie left herself out of the name of the burger joint. Janie and Jerry actually had a fifth son in 1988 after the restaurant had been opened, but by then, it was too late to change the name to “Six Guys.”