Unusually Bizarre Facts About One Of The Least Known Religious Communities In The Country

With 200,000 Amish people living in the United States, it’s incredible to think that we all basically know nothing about the religious community. They are unique in that they tend to shun any modern advances, and while they’re known for being quite friendly, they often get stereotyped because of general ignorance.

There is plenty to learn about this fringe society that may surprise you and open your eyes to the true reality of being Amish. For instance, did you know they spoke three languages? It’s about time we learn a thing or two about this unusual population of people who live among us that we essentially know nothing about.

Not All Live Without Electricity

Photo Credit: Mark Makela / Getty Images
Photo Credit: Mark Makela / Getty Images

Most people may think that all Amish communities don’t use electricity, but that’s actually not 100% true. While there are certainly more conservative Amish communities who refuse to have any electricity in their everyday lives, many do use it for emergency situations.

The reason they live without electricity, for the most part, is because of something called “Gelassenheit”. It basically means “letting be” which is the philosophy that earth should be used as God originally intended.