Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About The Historic Battle Of Midway

We have heard a lot about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, but some of us know a lot less about the battle of Midway, which happened six months later. The Japanese launched another assault in an attempt to occupy Midway Atoll and eliminate the United States’ naval power in the Pacific Ocean.

Luckily for the American forces, their plan never came to fruition. The attack resulted in a naval battle that took place between June 4-7, 1942. It was one of the most important battles of the Second World War.

Japan Controlled The Pacific

A US Navy Curtiss Helldiver (SB2C) prepares for a landing on an aircraft carrier after a bombing mission against a Japanese warship.
Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Because of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japan effectively controlled the Pacific before the Battle of Midway. The U.S. was very much on the defensive. Japan had already seized Burma, Indonesia, the Malayan peninsula, and the Philippines at the time.

The Battle of Midway completely changed the course of the rest of the war. America regained control of the Pacific, which put them in a better position to eventually take down Hitler’s forces and his allies.