Clever Uses For Dryer Sheets That Will Freshen Up Your Life

Dryer sheets: not just for your wrinkly shirts anymore. If you’re sitting on a 260-pack of dryer sheets that you’ve just bought at Costco and you’re not confident you’re ever going to use all of them for laundry don’t worry, because dryer sheets are a much more versatile household product than you think.

You might be surprised how much this product can make a difference in your home’s cleanliness, freshness, and functionality. These hacks will truly put a bounce in your step.

Get Shiny Chrome Appliances

woman polishing chrome bumper with dryer sheet
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Reynolds / Pinterest
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Reynolds / Pinterest

The moisturizing part of dryer sheets can work on any stainless steel or chrome appliance. If you’re sick of looking at handprints or smudges covering the metal then you can rely on a dryer sheet to get it sparkling again.

All you have to do is rub your metal down with a sheet and it should get any smudges right out. It’s the perfect hack for anyone with a fridge and kids with hands that seem to leave prints everywhere.