Items You Should Never Throw In The Garbage

There are a lot of rules about what items you can and can’t throw away. There are also rules about how to dispose of certain dangerous objects, and what garbage bins certain materials belong in. All of these guidelines exist to keep us and our garbage collectors safe. You don’t want to accidentally start a fire or cause anyone to get hurt.

Keep reading to find out which products should not be discarded and why. These are the household objects that you should NEVER throw in the trash.

Burnt Matches Are Still A Fire Hazard

smoking match
Photo by Oed/ullstein bild via Getty Images
Photo by Oed/ullstein bild via Getty Images

Matches still have the potential to catch on fire even after you’ve used them. There are still so many chemicals in those match tips. Also, the flammable strip on the side of matchboxes can cause problems in your garbage can.

Fortunately, matches become totally safe after they’re doused in water. To be extra safe, place the matches in a ziplock bag and fill the bag with water. That way there’s no chance of a fire breaking out.