The Boy Who Won’t Stop Growing Has Found Out Shocking News About His Future

Broc Brown hasn’t had an ordinary life. Ever since he was born, he has been taller than other kids his age. Then he kept growing and growing at an abnormal rate. At first, Broc thought that his height would hold him back in life, but now he knows that it makes him special.

Of course, Broc’s height has been both a blessing and a curse. It’s caused him to suffer from chronic pain and constant ridicule. Read on to find out the reason Broc won’t stop growing, and the devastating news his doctors just delivered.

Everything Seemed Normal When He Was Born

Photo Credit: Barcroft TV
Photo Credit: Barcroft TV

Broc Brown’s mother, Darci Moss Elliot, had a totally normal pregnancy. When Broc Brown was born, he seemed like just another average healthy baby. His birth weight was just under eight pounds, and he was 22 inches long.

As soon as Darci brought Broc home from the hospital, he started growing. Once this kid started growing, he never really stopped. It quickly because apparent that Broc was quite different from most other children his age.