Disturbing Vintage Hygiene Habits And Home Remedies

Our personal hygiene habits and health practices have changed drastically over the course of human history. Today, we have tons of reputable and dependable options to choose from when we get sick or simply want to stay clean. But that wasn’t always the case. Our ancestors were forced to try out some pretty bizarre, and sometimes downright disgusting, ways to prevent and cure illness. Join us as we explore some of the most disturbing vintage hygiene tips and home remedies of the past.

Families All Shared The Same Bath Water

Toddler playing in the bathtub
Lisa Wiltse/Corbis via Getty Images
Lisa Wiltse/Corbis via Getty Images

Christians in Medieval times were encouraged to maintain personal cleanliness, but that wasn’t always easy for the lower classes. The elite could afford to fill a tub of heated water for each member of the household every evening, but this was impossible for poorer people.

Instead, entire families would share the same bathwater. Since seniority meant that people bathed from oldest to youngest, the baby of the family was often stuck being washed in some pretty murky water.