Learn The Secret Ins And Outs Behind The Counter Of In-N-Out

In-N-Out is one of the most sought-after burger franchise in America. People flock to their locations, the lineups can run out the door, and there’s just something about their fries that only the most diehard customers know how to properly customize. Seriously, keep an eye out for all the different ways you can order their fries.

In-N-Out has also become a great place to earn a paycheck, with employees earning a starting salary of $10.50 per hour, and managers earning $100,000 salaries! That’s just the start for this burger franchise, so keep reading to find out what else is going on behind the counter.

You Can Actually Customize How You Like Your Fries

Not all fries are created equal, and everyone has different tastes. In-N-Out caters to their customers, and offer seven different ways to eat your fries. If you like extra crispy fries, make sure to order them well-done. If you just need a little crispy, a light-well order should do the trick.

Some people like to have their fries on the softer side, and if that sounds like you, make sure to order them lite. Of course, you can go for the no-salt option, and if you want some cheese on your fries, they even ofter that option!