Crazy Facts About ‘The Matrix’ Franchise That No One Realized

When The Matrix was released on March 31, 1999, audiences were instantly hooked. The sci-fi film combined action, adventure, and philosophy. Not a lot of movies can make you leave the theatre and wonder if the world you live in is actually reality.

Two decades have gone by and The Matrix Trilogy has aged better than most movies that old. Even better, there is a fourth installment coming soon that will reinvigorate our love for the films. Take a look back at these behind-the-scenes facts from the film that might change how you rewatch them.

A Lot Of Twins On Set

Matrix red dress
U R/Pinterest
U R/Pinterest

The special effects industry has come a long way since 1999. Instead of using CGI to double characters and actors, the Wachowskis took an old fashioned approach. Remember the woman in red?

During one of Neo’s training sessions, a woman in a red dress passes by as Morpheus speaks to Neo. The woman is surrounded by clones, AKA copies of the same people. That wasn’t CGI. All of those extras were twins. It was a really cool effect.