What It Takes To Turn A School Bus Into A Gorgeous Mobile Home

Selima Taibi ad Felix Starck aren’t your average couple. These two, who are originally from Berlin, Germany, wanted to leave their 9t o 5 jobs and ordinary lives behind in favor of trying something new and adventurous.

Felix is a filmmaker and Selima is a musician who creates music under the name Mogli. Together they decided to live a life on the road, and to do that, they needed an epic mobile home. Felix and Selima worked together to transform an old school bus into a place that could take them anywhere they needed to go in style.

Getting Ready For An Adventure


Young couple Felix and Selima knew that they wanted to live in a totally custom mobile home. The best way they knew to get one for a reasonable price was to make one themselves. They figured the best place to start would be with an old school bus.

While other people might see this type of lifestyle choice as too alternative, the adventurous couple was inspired by the idea. They were still living in Berlin when they started searching for a school bus in America via the internet.