This Couple Made A Huge Change And Now They’re Unrecognizable

Lexi and Danny Reed were feeling fed up with living in bodies that didn’t suit their desired lifestyle. They wanted to be active and engaged in the world, and their weight was holding them back. They decided to drastically change the way that they ate and behaved, and in just 18 months, they completely transformed their bodies.

These two worked together to achieve their goals and it brought them closer to each other as a couple. Keep reading to see what these two look like now after their drastic transformation.

Lexi Has Always Struggled With Her Weight

lexi and randy reed sitting together
Photo credit: @fatgirlfedup/
Photo credit: @fatgirlfedup/

The woman in the pink dress in this photo is Lexi Reed. From the time she was a little girl, she had always been overweight. She went on countless diets and she tried various exercise regimens, but nothing really worked for her. Whenever she did manage to lose a bit of weight, she would always gain it back a few months later.

By the time she turned 25, she weighed 392 pounds. She wasn’t able to move the way she wanted to and she felt like her weight was holding her back from achieving her dreams.