Coca-Cola Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Did you think Coca-Cola was just for drinking? Well, you thought wrong. This delicious soft drink might be great to sip on, but it can also be used to complete odd jobs around the house. Coca-Cola was first invented in 1886 as a substitute for morphine, but the company quickly realized that they were better off selling the product as soda pop.

Keep reading to learn how you can use Coke to everything from cleaning your coffee pot to removing bloodstains.

Keep Your Toilets Sparkling Clean


This hack might sound odd, but we promise it works. Coca-Cola contains a lot of acid, and the acid in the pop can actually help kill germs that can’t live in high acid environments. All you have to do is pour some Coke around the edges of your toilet bowl. Let the Coke work its magic overnight, and then in the morning, scrub your toilet bowl with a scrub brush.

Flush a few times and enjoy a fresh, clean toilet.