If You Own These Childhood Toys You Could Make A Small Fortune

Those who grew up in the twentieth century likely remember playing with G.I. Joe, Cabbage Patch Kids, and Teddy Ruxbin. If you still have some of these toys, you could make a fortune. Some of these children’s toys—many of which are no longer in productio—are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Alongside common toys from that past 50+ years, there are some rare prototypes that you should look out for. If you can find one, snatch it. Some of them have increased in value by 30,000 percent! Do you own any of these fortune toys?

Have A Vintage Swimsuit Barbie? You Can Make $20,000

When Barbie was first introduced, the toy skyrocketed in popularity. Hundreds of designs and styles have come out over the years; but if you have the holy grail of Barbies, you’ll make upwards of $1,200. That’s like trading a plastic toy for a new car.

Photo Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

A highly sought-out, first edition Barbie has a classic black-and-white style. This Barbie wears and striped swimsuit with some vintage sunglasses and a curled hairstyle. In 1959, it only cost $3. Today, it’ll sell for $20,000 at an auction.

Sell Your Original Lite-Brite For $300

When the Original Lite-Brite debuted in 1967, it sold for only $10. Those who have kept this toy can sell it for a 3000% return on their investment! Kids who aren’t glued to an iPad may still find this toy amusing.

Photo Credit: Reddit / Lite-Brite
Photo Credit: Reddit / Lite-Brite

Lite-Brite featured a lightbox that illuminated small, colored plastic pegs. By plugging the pegs into the black background, kids could create masterpieces. The original Lite-Brite included the colors red, blue, white, green, yellow, orange, pink, and violet. If you have one, you can make some money and help a child feel like an artist.

Story-Telling Teddy Ruxpin Sells For $400

Teddy Ruxpin, a stuffed bear with a built-in cassette recorder, was a hit among children. Despite creeping some people out, Ruxpin remembers kids’ names, tells stories, and moves his eyes realistically. In 1985, this toy cost at lost: $69.99 in mint condition.

Photo Credit: Spratt/The People/Mirrorpix/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Spratt/The People/Mirrorpix/Getty Images

Nowadays, Teddy Ruxpins sell for $400 on eBay. Although the company still produces updates bears, collectors are still itching for the original. If you have one, you can make over $150 off of it. Try making that much off of your regular cassette player.

Some Strawberry Shortcake Dolls Are Worth Over $1,000

Strawberry Shortcake originally started as a greeting card design, but it later expanded into dolls and other products. After the first doll released in 1979, they quickly became a popular choice. Unlike other dolls, these cuties were scented to reflect their food design.

Photo Credit: Nom Nom Kingdom
Photo Credit: Nom Nom Kingdom

Collectors still sell these vintage toys for upwards of $70. But the Mint Tulip dolls–which used to sell for pennies on the dollar–is now worth over $1,000. Depending on which Shortcake character you kept, you can stash a lot of money in your vacation fund.

Do You Have This $900 My Little Pony?

Plenty of ’80s kids used to swarm Toys R Us and KB Toys for My Little Pony dolls. Over the years, plenty of collectors have saved these dolls to resell. But the most sought-after toy was only purchased through mail order.

A My Little Pony doll called Rapunzel, with a pink color and a long mane, is worth far more than the other ponies. Only those who mail ordered this toy ever laid hands on this doll. If you were one of those owners, you can fetch up to $900. After all, there are plenty of bronies willing to spend a lot on vintage toys.

Vader’s Telescopic Lightsaber Will Gain $6,000 Through The Force

When Star Wars debuted in 1977, fans fell head over heels for George Lucas’s expert filmmaking. As millions flocked to the theater, Lucasfilms worked quickly to produce some bestselling toys.

Photo Credit: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

In 1978, kids could buy Star Wars toys for around $2.49 each. But only one toy will make you several thousand dollars today. The telescopic Darth Vader toy had an extendable lightsaber and was the first of its kind. It’s a must-have among collectors, and many will spend over $6,000 for a palm-sized toy.

Luke Skywalker Can Make You $25,000

Who could discuss the original Star Wars without mentioning Luke Skywalker? Plenty of kids bought Skywalker toys back in the ’70s and ’80s, but few kept them in the box. An unopened, mint condition Luke Skywalker toy cost $25,000 at the 2015 Souteby’s auction.

Photo Credit: Steve Mack/WireImage
Photo Credit: Steve Mack/WireImage

A 1978 Luke Skywalker toy has made others a small fortune. A Japanese designer named Nigo sold this unboxed action figure for $6,250. Other Canadian and Hungarian versions, including a figure of Boba Fett, garnered $15,000 collectively.

Finally, A Furby That Won’t Annoy You—And Is Worth $900

When Furbies debuted in 1998, parents were fighting in the aisle to get their hands on this gift. These electronic toys could hold conversations, make creepy sounds, and even blink their eyes. Furbies were so advanced at the time that the National Security Agency (NSA) once banned them from Fort Meade, because they thought the toys listened to conversations.


Originally, these toys cost $35. However, some of the rarer editions can sell upwards of $900. If you can find a first edition Furby that’s in mint condition, you can make a lot of money off of it.

This Squinting Superman Toy Costs $20,000 Today

In 1940, Ideal Novelty and Toy Company created a unique Superman action figure. The toy was made entirely of wood except for the head and upper body. Today, it is one of the most sought-after toys in the world.

Photo Credit: Collecting Superman
Photo Credit: Collecting Superman

Collectors are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for this. Why? Because it was the first ever Superman toy made for the franchise. With a fetching price of $20,000, it is now worth 30,000 times more than its original cost.

This Broken Hot Wheels Car Rakes In $72,000

Hot Wheels first came out in 1968, and by the ’70s, they became a staggering success. Plenty of valuable Hot Wheels cars have surfaced over the past 50 years. But none have been worth as much as the pink Volkswagon Beach Bomb with a surfboard sticking out of the back.

Photo Credit: Mattel
Photo Credit: Mattel

Since this car wouldn’t work on the tracks, it was quickly discontinued. Today, it’s highly sought after for its rarity and unique design. To date, only two have surfaced, and one sold for a mind-boggling $72,000 at auction. Anyone who loved pink Hot Wheels cars should double-check their collection.

This Brown Matchbox Crane Scooped Up $13,000

Matchbox was the popular precursor and competitor to Hot Wheels. The first toys, produced in 1953, cost $1 each. These adored toys were initially run by Lesney Productions but were later bought by Mattel, Ince.

Photo Credit: Ebaums World
Photo Credit: Ebaums World

In 2004, collector Jim Gallegos sold a No. 30 Matchbox crane for $13,000. That’s 13,000% over the toy’s original asking price. Fun Fact: Gallegos is a passionate Matchbox collector and owns over $1.4 million worth of these mini-cars.

This Cabbage Patch Kid’s Adoption Fee Has Skyrocketed

Invented by Xavier Roberts, the Cabbage Patch Kids first sold in 1978 as “The Little People.” The dolls quickly became one of the biggest toy fads of the ’80s. Back then, they were fairly expensive; an average Cabbage Patch Kid had an “adoption fee” of $40 in 1984.

vintage cabbage patch doll

Today, the brand still sells Cabbage Patch Kids. But if you kept an original 1982 doll in mint condition, you could make over $1,000 off of it. The doll was re-released around 2014, but these don’t fetch nearly as much money as the vintage original.

A $85,000 Lionel Prototype

Lionel Corporation produced American toy vehicles for almost 100 years. In the 1950s, the company created a prototype for its future yellow cranes. This prototype, the Lionel 3360 Burro Crane, is incredibly hard to find. As a result, it’s also incredibly valuable.

Photo Credit: Lionel Lines
Photo Credit: Lionel Lines

One eBay seller auctioned the Burro Crane for $85,062. Lionel vehicles are considered the best-built models of all time, so it’s no wonder that some collectors want their hands on a prototype. If you have old Lionels, check your collection for a Burro 3360.

One Pokemon Trader Card Sells For $55,000

Pokemon trading cards soared in popularity in the late 1990s. Today, they still remain a popular collector’s item, with new cards and generations coming out every year. Plenty of adults still own their old cards, but only one of them will fetch you $55,000.

Photo Credit: Adapt Network
Photo Credit: Adapt Network

The “Pikachu Illustrator” hologram card was originally awarded to the the winners of the CoroCoro Comic Illustration contest in 1998. Only 20-40 copies were released, and they fetch a high price today. In 2016, one of these cards sold for $54,970 at a Dallas-based auction.

There’s A $475,000 Beanie Baby Floating Around Somewhere

When Beanie Babies first came out in 1986, they were a smash hit. Parents and kids swarmed toy stores to grab a $10 cuddly pal. Some of these customers were collectors who lined their shelves with rare, unique Beanie Babies. But there is one that stands out from the crowd.

Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Ty introduced Princess Diana, a rare purple bear, on October 29, 1997. That November, they announced that they could only order 12 of these dolls. A first edition of Princess Diana is worth $475,000 today. Unfortunately, only a handful of customers managed to buy this bear.

This Pinball Machine Is Worth $30,000

Nowadays, pinball machines can sell for thousands of dollars. Although the vintage machines always cost more, none are worth as much as the Capcom Big Bang Bar Pinball Machine. The Capcom Big Bang debuted at the Pinball Expo Show in Chicago, but only a small number of units sold.

Photo Credit: Capcom
Photo Credit: Capcom

Because of its exquisite artwork and animations, this pinball machine stood out among the pack. But despite its excellent sound quality and gameplay, only 13 machines sold. If you have one of these 13, you can get $30,000 from it.

Check Out This $4,000 Garbage Pail Kids Card

Garbage Pail Kids released in 1985 as a parody of Cabbage Patch Kids. In the late ’80s, these trading cards underwent a miniature renaissance. They became so popular that they distracted kids during class, leading to a ban of these cards in certain schools.

Photo Credit: io9
Photo Credit: io9

The original card series included an “Adam Bomb” card. If you’ve kept it for all these years, you can sell it for $4,000. Other cards, which are less rare, still sell for upwards of $700. You can get more if you kept them in their original packaging.

Wun-Dar He-Man Was Free; Now It’s $1,000

In the 1990s, anyone who turned on Saturday morning cartoons would see He-Man. The comics and animated series spawned a $1 billion toy industry that lasted through the decade.

Photo Credit: OfferUp
Photo Credit: OfferUp

In 1981, the Wonder Bread team gave away a promotional action figure. Anyone who bought their bread would receive “Wun-Dar” He-Man in the mail. Because many were lost over time, they’re now hard to find. Today, a mint-condition Wun-Der He-Man sells for $1,000; and out-of-box figure is worth upwards of $120.

Would You Buy A $32,205 PEZ Dispenser

Since the 1970s, PEZ dispensers have been a popular collector’s item. There are many specialty dispensers, but none compare to the 1982 World’s Fair Astronaut B. This dispenser was believed to be a prototype for The World’s Fair board.

Photo Credit: Pez
Photo Credit: Pez

This toy has fetched the best value on the dollar that we’ve come across. When the World’s Fair PEZ Dispenser appeared at an auction, it was bought for $32,000. Not only is it rare, but it’s a one-of-a-kind design.

Old Super Soakers Can Fetch Hundreds Of Dollars

Although Super Soakers don’t make “new car” money, they’re still worth a look. These popular ’90s toy sold for $10 to $50 back in the day. Now, they can sell for $500 in mint condition.

Photo Credit: Nerf Blaster Wiki
Photo Credit: Nerf Blaster Wiki

Let’s be honest: Kids who owned these toys likely played the heck out of them. But even used Super Soakers can fetch at least $150. Sell a couple of them, and you’ll rake in enough to pay off some bills or stay at a nice hotel for a night.

This Charizard Card Can Pay Off Your Rent

During the 1990s, thousands of kids collected Pokemon cards. Some of them grew up and never got rid of them. But back then, there was one card that everyone wanted: a holographic Charizard. This Pokemon was a fan-favorite, and the card is still sought after today.

If you kept your Pokemon card collection from the ’90s and early 2000s, consider yourself blessed. Anyone who owns this card now has $3,000 in the form of an orange dragon. This resale value should only increase over time.

If You Have Molly, Consider Yourself Lucky!

American Girl began producing dolls in 1986, and they remain popular today. Ten years after they debuted, American Girl released one of their first Historical Characters, Molly McIntire. Molly represented a girl living in the World War II era. Despite Molly’s initial popularity, the company discontinued the doll in 2013.

Molly McIntire doll discontinued in 2013

The doll wears glasses and a red, blue, and green argyle sweater. Her original outfit includes a white shirt and navy blue skirt. Although Molly was re-released in 2018, the original doll fethces a hefty price. It initially cost $85, and today, a mint condition Molly sells for $5,000!

This Old Shooter Game Is Worth $500

If you’ve ever played Galaga, then you’ll have a good idea of what MUSHA is. This side-scrolling “shoot’em up” game was released on the Sega Genesis in 1990. In the game, the player controls a mecha and wipes out enemies. That’s it; there isn’t much of a plot.

MUSHA was re-relased on the Wii Virtual Console in 2008. But if you have the original 1990 game, you can sell it for up to $500. Not bad for an old Genesis shooter.

Old G.I. Joe Toys, Even Used Ones, Fetch A Lot Of Money

G.I. Joe will always remain relevant, as proven by the movie with The Rock and Channing Tatum. Despite what some think about the movie franchise, the toys will always be admired. Anyone who has toys from the ’60s and ’70s can sell them for a couple hundred bucks.

A used Starduster action figure will sell for $300. A space shuttle–even an incomplete one–may be worth upwards of $600. But the real money lies in a G.I. Joe Mobile Command Center. Even if this toy is used, it can sell for $3,000: more than that if it’s in mint condition.

Get Hundreds Of Dollars For Original Transformers Action Figures

Transformers toys have transcended both countries and generations. In 1984, Hasbro bought the distribution rights to sell the Japanese toys to an American audience. The original release included 28 figures, and they’ve only grown in value since the ’80s.


While these aren’t the most technologically-savvy toys, they are highly sought after. An Optimus Prime original can get you $600. If you own both Optimus Prime and Megatron, you can fetch over $1,000 for vintage Japanese toys.

Gather Some Magic To Gather Some Money

Magic: The Gathering may not have been popular when it first released in 1993. But the game’s fans have only grown in time; over twenty million players collected the cards in 2015. With such a large following, it’s no surprise that original cards will go for thousands of dollars.

Recently, a sealed stater deck from 1993 auctioned for over $8,700. That’s one of the highest return investments on this list. On top of the card sets, there’s a single card that fetches thousands on its own. An original 7 Mox Emerald card is valued at $2,700, while the beta version sells for $1,600.

Some LEGO Sets Still Sell For A Lot

Let’s face it–LEGO’s will never die. With feature-length films and video games spawning from the franchise, we doubt that these colorful blocks will disappear anytime soon. Toy production began in the ’60s and ’70s, and anyone who has these vintage sets can get a lot of money from them.

For instance, the Monorail Transport System set has sold for well over $1,000, sometimes closer to $1,500. An original Millennium Falcon set is worth up to $15,000. If the boxes are unopened, expect to earn the high end of this profit.

Double-Check Your Cards. It’s Time To Duel!

Yu-Gi-Oh! was a Japanese manga series that evolved into two anime productions. Unlike Pokemon, the plot centered around a card game, which was a smart method to merchandise their decks. As of 2018, Yu-Gi-Oh! became one of the high-grossing franchises in the world.

Suzanne Kreiter/The Boston Globe via Getty Images
Suzanne Kreiter/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Since the show is still popular, you can fetch a pretty penny for old trading cards from the late ’90s and early 2000s. Some of the classic booster boxes have auctioned for over $1,000. Some of the rarer cards, like the original Cyber Stein, are worth over $3,000.

Do Not Pass Go. Collect $146,000

Monopoly has been dividing family and friends since it debuted in 1933. Nowadays, you can find several versions of Monopoly at any local game store for around $15. But do you know how much the original game has sold for?

In 2011, someone sold the 1933 version of the game for $146,500. Of course, this version of the board game is exceptionally rare. But collectors can still sell vintage editions for upwards of $3,000.

Action Comics #1 Can Get You Millions

Superman is kind of big deal, to say the least. He was the first superhero to receive his own comic series named after the protagonist. DC first released the character in Action Comics #1 in 1938. In 2014, someone sold this original comic for $3.2 million.

This comic didn’t sell for millions simply because of nostalgia. Action Comics #1 is exceptionally rare: less than 50 books circulate the world today. If you’re lucky enough to happen upon this book, your life could change forever.

Say “Bye” To Pete The Pusher

Fisher Price always makes classic toys, especially their vintage collection. Pete the Pusher is one such toy that used to sell for 50 cents. If you happen upon this old wooden toy, don’t toss it out. A mint condition Pete can fetch a lot of money.

Anyone who has an original Pete the Pusher can expect anything about $3,000. This makes it one of the most expensive wooden toys ever. This toy is very rare, so if you have one, take advantage of this deal.

All Aboard Lionel’s Vintage Trains!

Toy train sets were all the rage back in the day, and Lionel made the most beautiful and exquisite train sets. The company was founded in 1900, New York, and immediately wowed America with its model trains. These vintage toys now sell for a lot of money.

If you own any of these early nineteenth-century toys, prepare to auction it off. A 1934 Standard Gauge train fetched $250,000 at an auction. That’s a quarter of a million for a fake train.

It’s Time To Charge Your Old Game Boy

Video game consoles have come a long way in the past couple of decades. The Nintendo Game Boy, released in 1989, is a thing of the past. The handheld console underwent many changes before Nintendo discontinued it permanently.

Although plenty of ’90s kids own a Game Boy, nothing compares to the original 1989 console. Those who own this Game Boy can sell it for $1,000 on eBay, at least. Mint condition Game Boys with games are worth a lot more.

The First Ever Mario Kart Game Is Going For $750

These days, Nintendo comes out with a new Mario Kart game every couple of years. This highly competitive racing game began tearing friends apart in 1996, with the release of Mario Kart 64. It was named after its appropriate console, the Nintendo 64.

None of the new games can match up to the original–especially not in resale value. Some video game collectors will pay a lot to play this game on their old 64. A mint condition of Mario Kart 64 will land the seller $750 on eBay.

By The Power Of Greyskull! This Is Worth A Lot!

Earlier, we saw how some He-Man action figures are worth $1,000. But what about the other toys in the franchise? Some of the complicated-looking playsets are worth a lot of money. Of these, the holy grail is the Master of the Universe Eternia Playset.

The Eternia Playset offers a battlefield for He-Man and Skeletor to have at it. If you have this 1986 toy, you can add a maximum of $1,900 to your wallet. Used versions will still land the seller a couple hundred dollars. That’s the power of Greyskull!

Gain A Fortune By Selling The Lord Of Destruction

While talking about He-Man toys, no one can forget the Lord of Destruction. Skeletor was He-Man’s ultimate adversary, so of course, he received his own line of action figures. Vintage action figures came out in the early 1990s, almost a decade after the animated show aired.

If you have a mint condition Skeletor figurine, you’ll receive a lot of attention from fans. These bad boys can sell for up to $1,500. Imagine how much you could make with both Skeletor and his entire playset.

Time For The Ninja Turtles To Crawl Out Of The Drain

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were a fan-favorite back in the ’80s and ’90s. They crawled out of the drain to form a popular TV show and coinciding video games. But don’t forget about their toy collection–that oversight could cost you.

If you received some action figures during your Ninja Turtle-themed birthday party, you could make a couple hundred dollars. In perfect condition, one action figure can sell for up to $550. Rarer models are worth much more: around $5,000.

It Might Not Be A Barbie, But It’s Still Worth It

Kids in the ’80s couldn’t get enough of fashionable dolls. While Jem and the Hologram Dolls look similar to Barbie, they are their own entity. These dolls were inspired by the TV series, which ran for three seasons.

While Hasbro no longer produces these toys, you can still sell them if you have them. An opened box of Jem and the Hologram Dolls can earn up to $700. Any related accessories will increase the toy’s value.

She-Ra Is Worth Even More Than He-Man

If you thought He-Man and Skeletor were the only figurines worth a fortune, think again. She-Ra, He-Man’s twin sister, also sells for a pretty penny. In 1985, she got her own show, She-Ra and the Princess of Power, which was rebooted in 2018.

The rebooted show will likely result in some new toys. But old 1980s toys are where the real value is. If you own a boxset like the one seen above, collectors will pay $4,000 for it. Toy collectors will fight tooth and nail for this unopened set.

The Hunt Is On For A Boba Fett Action Figure

Boba Fett may not offer the value of an original Luke Skywalker action figure, but he’s a popular character in himself. This Star Wars villain became a fan-favorite and desirable action figure. With the packaging still intact, he’s even more valuable.

Anyone who has kept a 1980 Boba Fett action figure is in for a treat. A mint condition version could hand a seller up to $5,000. Used toys can still sell for a couple hundred in auctions.

Selling An Easy-Bake Oven Can Pay For A Real Oven

Anyone remember Easy-Bake Oven? It may not have worked well, but this toy was immensely popular. It first released in 1963; by 1997, over 16 million Easy-Bake Ovens had been sold. And Kenner doesn’t make them like they used to.


Older Easy-Bake Ovens were simple and had a vintage appearance. The common colors were avocado green or read; a “Mod” yellow came out in 1971. Those who own a late 1960s or early 1970s version can resell it for around $4,000. With that money, you might as well buy a real oven.