These Celebrities Took Their Sports Fanaticism To The Next Level and Actually Bought Sports Franchises

A lot of sports fans dream of one day owning their favorite teams, but if you’re a celebrity, you have enough money to make this dream a reality. Several famous sports fans have actually been able to buy their favorite sports teams and sports franchises. There are several baseball, basketball, football, and other professional teams that are all owned by celebrities.

Keep reading to find out which team Burt Reynolds owns, and which basketball team Wil Smith will always root for.

Bill Maher Owns Part Of The New York Mets

Bill Mahe has accomplished many things during his long career. He’s hosted several television shows, made a few movies, and stirred up a few controversies. In June of 2012, Bill Maher added part-owner of a baseball team to his long list of accolades when he purchased a minority stake in the New York Mets. Maher is a New York native but he said he bought the team for its investment potential.

In an interview with The New York Times, Maher admitted that he tried to get fellow comedian Jerry Seinfeld to buy the team with him. He said, “he sure has more money than I do.”