Your Cat’s Oddest Behaviors, Explained

Having a cat as a personal companion can be a very rewarding experience for some people. But cats come with a lot of unusual and quirky personality traits. Have you ever wondered why your cat is always head-butting people? Or why they have to push your water bottle off the kitchen counter continuously?

Cats do some strange things that we try to make sense of in our heads. But no longer do we have to wonder why they run around the house at three in the morning! Here are the real explanations for some of our feline friends’ strangest behaviors.

Head-Butting Or Rubbing Is Their Way of Saying “Hi”

saying hello
Cute Cat Store/Pinterest
Cute Cat Store/Pinterest

You may have noticed that whenever you’re around a cat they tend to bump into your legs, face, arm, or pretty much any available surface space on your body. This head-bump doesn’t mean they want to start a fight, though. It’s actually quite the opposite!

The bumping is a gesture, indicating that the cat trusts you and feels safe around you. It’s their way of saying hello! In addition, when they rub against something it transfers pheromones from their body, marking the person or object as safe and trustworthy. Cat behavior experts have named this action “bunting.”