Only True Fast Food Fans Can Name These Chains From A Single Photo – Can You?

Claudia Obert (l), fashion entrepreneur, and Désirée Nick, actress,  present various burgers at a press event of the fast food chain [redacted] at the branch on Mundsburger Damm.
Georg Wendt/picture alliance via Getty Images
Georg Wendt/picture alliance via Getty Images

Fast food restaurants are among some of the most common sights on major streets, places that more people visit than they’d like to admit. And after years of exposure to them since early childhood, it’s hard not to be intimately familiar with the biggest chains.

But while many people wouldn’t hesitate to name their favorite menu item at each one, that doesn’t mean it’s possible to stump people about them even if they see fast food restaurants every day. But the question is whether we can stump you. Can you recognize these fast food restaurants just from one photo?

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