These Breakup Messages Are As Cringeworthy As They Are Brutal

Breakups are always difficult, but they can be made a little bit easier if the person doing the breaking up has the decency to do it respectfully. The people on this list just had it up to here with their significant others. They weren’t going to wait around to break up face to face (like nice human beings). They decided to get creative.

These people are straight up savages, but you have to give them points for being innovative. Keep reading to see some of the most brutal breakups on the internet.

Jennifer Must Have Done Something Really Bad

Elisha Percival/Pinterest
Elisha Percival/Pinterest

This scorned boyfriend took to the streets (literally) to tell his now ex-girlfriend that she has just six days to get out of their house. Jennifer must have done something really bad to cause her boyfriend to go out and buy paint and giant white signs. A lot of effort went into this breakup.

We just hope that Jennifer learned his lesson (and that she managed to get all her stuff out of her house in just six days).