Bizarre Wikipedia Pages That You Absolutely Shouldn’t Visit Unless You’re Really Bored, Like Right Now

When you have a serious amount of free time to kill and in the right state of mind, Wikipedia can send you down a rabbit hole of interesting information. With a little can-do attitude sprinkled with some curiosity, you can easily find yourself on some weird, mildly concerning yet fascinating black holes. Wikipedia pages.

It’s impossible to find all the hidden gems on the site, but we gave it a shot, and the results are incredible. These are the strangest of the strange. Some of them are dark, while other’s are flat-out confusing, which will ensure everyone’s satisfaction. Enjoy.

The “Human Lightning Rod”

Photo Credit: Wikipedia
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Roy Sullivan was a United States park ranger who was hit by lightning an incredible seven times. That’s seven different occasions that Sullivan was presumably chosen by Zeus and struck. Kidding, but he did earn the nickname “The Human Lightning Rod.”

What’s even more bizarre is that he didn’t end up dying from the strikes. He was found dead in 1983 by his wife after he shot himself in the head over their relationship which he saw as very one-sided.