Bizarre Celebrity Court Cases That Have Me Looking At Hollywood Very Differently

Celebrities tend to find themselves visiting courtrooms a little bit more than most of us normal people. Many times, they’re defending themselves against someone just trying to make a buck off of their fame. Other times, they try to use their fame to settle absolutely absurd issues.

This article collects some of the craziest stories of frivolous lawsuits filed against or filed by our favorite celebrities. Some range from simple he said/she said to stolen identity, to childhood bullying (?). Some absolutely bizarre courtroom antics have occurred with celebrities that you never would’ve thought could pull it off.

The Inspiration…

The original inspiration for this article came when news recently broke that a nun died in the courtroom while trying to sue Katy Perry. Yes, it’s bizarre. 80-year-old Sister Catherine Rose Holzman collapsed and tragically passed while trying to argue that her convent has the legal rights to land that Katy Perry currently owns.

The nuns purchased a convent in 1971 but were evicted by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in 2011. That’s when Perry swooped in and offered $14.5 million to buy the land and the Archdiocese agreed to that. But the nuns had previously sold the land for $15 million to another taker without knowledge of the current owners. Long story short, it must be weird getting sued by nuns.