Bill Murray Says Everyone Forgot One Thing About Space Jam

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

Hilarious comedian Bill Murray sat in his bathtub in his home in South Caroline while being interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel. He started talking about the animated film Space Jam, released in 1996. Starring Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes squad, there were plenty of other actors and athletes who breathed life into the film, including Bill Murray. And judging by his (jokingly) salty tone in his interview with Kimmel, he wasn't Murray wasn't too happy about one major thing being over-looked at the peak of the movie, when Jordan makes the game-winning point to lead the Tune Squad in defeating the Monstars.

Murray said, "So easily forgotten... I stole the ball, I made the pass, I got nothing. I wasn't even interviewed after." And it's true. Murray was likely the most under-rated and most forgotten player on the Tune Squad. Initially, he Murray was only going to do a quick cameo in the film, playing golf with Jordan. He was skeptical about how it would all work, acting and having animated characters inserted later. However, once he got a taste of being on set, he was into it.

Director Joe Pytka said, "I'm glad Murray showed up. Bill only came in for the golf course stuff because he didn't like the idea of working in animation. While we were shooting the golf course scene, he asked how I was dealing with the actors dealing with the animated characters." Once he worked with Jordan, however, he was in.