Welcome To The Worst Bathrooms In America

Public washrooms are never the most pleasant of places, but they don’t need to be absolute you-know-what shows. It’s possible for a public bathroom to be acceptable clean and normal. That isn’t the case with the washrooms on this list.

Keep reading to see some of the strangest bathrooms in the country that are in need of a makeover as soon as possible. We have lavatories that can strike panic into the hearts of germaphobes, call into question the very notion of privacy, and destroy your desire to use the toilet.

This Is The Worst Toilet Design

is it a wet toilet or not the world may never know

How are you ever supposed to tell if this toilet seat is wet or not? Sitting down on this thing is like taking a huge gamble unless you always wipe it down first (which, let’s face it, you should be doing anyway).

Whoever considered this to be a bright idea needs to get their brain checked. Yes, it may be funny to some, but in real life, this would be super shocking and weird. Who wants this?