Facts About Amish Culture That Shows Them In A Different Light

There are a lot of misconceptions about the Amish culture, so we’re here to provide you with some cold, hard facts. There’s more to being Amish than riding a horse and buggy. If you think living as an Amish person means participating in tons of drug-fueled Rumpsringa parties, you have a lot to learn.

The Amish are renowned for their unique traditions, from their desire to live a simple life without the complications of modern technology to their unmistakable dress code. Keep reading to learn more about this unusual way of life.

They Use Some Technology


Amish people are known for staying away from electricity and modern technology, but they don’t actually shun all forms of tech. It really depends on how strict the specific Amish affiliation is (and there are about 40 throughout the whole country). Amish people usually think about the impact of technology on their lives before they decided to use anything new.

For example, one Amish man in Lancaster admitted he checks his voicemail four times a day and has a propane-powered forklift he uses in his shop. He uses refrigeration to store milk.