How Albinos Look Different Depending On Where They Are In The World

Albino men and women around the world can’t help but capture some attention. Their striking pale features are unmistakable and only recently has society begun to accept and appreciate albinos for their true beauty. Albinism is caused by a lack of melanin which produces the pigment in a human’s hair, eyes, and skin.

The genetic disorder affects 1 in every 17,000 of us on average, but albinism is understood and accepted differently around the world. Some societies have fully embraced the unique look of albinos, while other still persecute many. One country even has an albino black market. Take a look at these breathtaking albinos from around the world.

Albinism Is Gaining Acceptance

Photo credit: @perseumacedo/Instagram
Photo credit: @perseumacedo/Instagram

Slowly and steadily, albinos around the world have begun to raise awareness and increase acceptance of the genetic disorder. Since World War Two, many countries have created albino awareness groups that combine to make a very active international community of albinos.

The tides have begun to change as more albino men and women enter into higher-profile jobs and the entertainment industry. Some notable albinos include musicians Edgar and Johnny Winter and Mem Nahadr. The international albino community scored a major win in 2014 when the United Nations officially declared June 13 to be International Albinism Awareness Day.