These Hilarious Airport Signs Would Make Any Traveler Chuckle

We’ve all seen people waiting at the airport for their loved ones holding a simple sign. Some people even get creative and make a bold and colorful “welcome home” sign. The people on this list really went all out, not just with the design of their signs, but with the words on the signs as well.

Some of these airport signs are cute, some are sweet, some are embarrassing, and some are downright mean. We’re pretty sure that these all come from a place of love…

We Haven’t Heard That One Before…

The Ultimate Dad Joke

This might just be the ultimate dad joke. This funny father didn’t just show up to the airport with a silly sign, he also came in a full Darth Vader costume. We’re pretty sure that this didn’t happen on Haloween. Dad is just this extra every day of the year.

Rebecca, if you don’t want your dad to embarrass you in front of an entire airport full of people, you should probably just never go on vacation ever again.