Abandoned Long Island Farmhouse Sat Untouched For 40 Years

A house is just some walls, a foundation, and a roof, but a home is something else entirely. A home is full of stories, memories, and interesting details. A home can be left untouched for years and years and still contain all of those stories. The abandoned farmhouse you’re about to see sat untouched for forty years. In that time, it was just waiting to unveil all of its secrets.

Finally, a man by the name of Bryan Sansivero was given special permission to enter the abandoned house and learn about who lived there. Bryan was completely surprised by what he found in those walls.

A Journey Into The Past

front photo of abandoned farmhouse
Photo credit: Bryan Sansivero
Photo credit: Bryan Sansivero

Bryan Sansivero is a photographer who loves investigating and photographing abandoned places. This farmhouse was left untouched for so long because it’s well hidden from the public. Bryan said, “It’s amazing how hidden the home was. It was surrounded by a busy community. Many people here had no idea the house even existed.”

Bryan has photographed plenty of interesting places, but he said that being in this farmhouse felt like stepping into a different era.