Dog Breeds That Are Smarter Than The Rest

Dogs are intelligent animals, but not all dogs are created equal. Some breeds are just smarter than others. That’s not to say that the breeds who didn’t make this list don’t have their own special talents. Where would we be without the dumb jocks of the dog world?

Smarter dogs are easier to train, but sometimes they can be so smart that they trick their trainers. Smarter dogs can also get bored more easily. All of the dogs on this list need constant mental stimulation to keep them on their toes. Keep reading to find out which dog breeds are brainier than others. Does your dog land on the list?

Collies Know How To Work Hard

Three Lions/Getty Images
Three Lions/Getty Images

In the movie Lassie, a collie saves the day by informing a family about their son’s whereabouts. While Lassie is super smart, so is the collie that played her. That dog was a trained actress. Collies are super smart, obedient, and high in stamina,

These dogs were originally bred to herd cattle, sheep, and other livestock. The collie is a working breed through and through. They don’t like lazing around too much, and they appreciate being put to work.